The AeroFarms Difference

Fully-controlled agriculture means that we can control, and perfect every aspect of the color, texture, nutrition and most importantly, flavor of our greens. We choose the most flavorful varietals of each green we grow and then we use data to make it taste even better. Our kale is sweeter. Our arugula is spicier. Our herbs are brighter. Top chefs agree that our greens have superior flavor, and we have 30,000 data points to prove it.

“The flavor is pure and unadulterated—it’s a major breakthrough from a culinary perspective.”

-Anthony Moraes, formerly of Eleven Madison Park and now a Chef at Facebook’s New York office



“I had the distinct pleasure of sampling AeroFarms product right out of the growing trays, then took a bag of greens home. Not only was the flavor density stunning and delicious, but the large bag of greens lasted a week. It likely would have lasted longer, but I ate them all. What a remarkable and timely approach to leveraging urban assets for nutrient dense food production.”

-Michel Nischan, President/CEO Wholesome Wave