Our Values

AeroFarms is on a mission to fundamentally transform agriculture by building, owning, and operating indoor vertical farms that grow flavorful, safe, healthy food in a sustainable and socially responsible way. It’s the “how” not just the “what” that is important to us.



We did not set out to improve agriculture as it exists in the world right now. We started over. When a problem presents itself we invent a solution. Innovation is at the heart of what we do and invention is what our team does best.


We want to be a force for good in the world – for the planet, for our stakeholders and investors, for our employees, and for the people we feed. It is all one community and we seek to make that community, healthier, stronger, and more hopeful for the future of agriculture, and the planet.



Everything we create, everything we build, and everything we send out into the world has an impact on our environment and our planet. We take that responsibility seriously. We founded AeroFarms to positively impact the health of our environment and transform agriculture. We also take full responsibility for the safety of the food we produce. We are commited to setting a new standard for food safety and traceability from seed to package.


We are here to inspire. Changing the world takes a lot. We’re running fast toward a better future. We hope that our mission and our technology inspire you to get involved. Join our teaminvest in our visionfinance a farm or just share our story.