April 7, 2016

Farmers and Journalists: Phillips Academy students interview AeroFarms for PBS

A lesser known AeroFarm in the Newark area is the one tended by the students at Philips Academy Charter School in Newark, not too far from our commercial farm. There, students get up close and personal with our growing system and tend to the water, plant nutrition and harvesting themselves. It’s a winning situation for all involved. The school has a supply of fresh, healthy baby greens and the students gain a deeper connection to the food they eat. They learn to ask questions about where their food comes from and how it is made.

Their questioning skills came in handy when they visited our commercial farm to interview AeroFarms team members about aeroponics for PBS.org. The students asked questions about the environmental impact of aeroponic growing and demonstrated some impressive AV skills running all of the recording and sound equipment themselves. We hope to see the final edit on PBS.org soon!

Below Left to right: Chief Marketing Officer Mar Oshima waits to be interviewed while students check the set. Chief Executive Officer David Rosenberg asks the students about their own AeroFarms growing lab. A Philips Academy student goes over questions with Marketing Manager Alina Zolotareva.


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